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About Us

Marty was instrumental in the original development of the CCSB and is thoroughly familiar with the design and construction aspects of the bag, as well as the standard of quality that CrossBreed Holsters' customers have come to expect.

Holding true to that standard, each CCSB ordered will be constructed by hand in America using the same quality materials CrossBreed Holsters used.

Since we are a small shop and each bag will be made by hand, the lead time for shipping your CCSB will be 2 - 4 weeks upon receipt of an order. We appreciate your patience and understanding and promise to deliver a quality product.

The name Cross Carry Bags is not only a reference to the nature of the CCSB but also to the commandment of Jesus Christ in Luke 9:23 to daily take up your cross and follow Him, a command which Marty strives to follow in her daily life.

We appreciate your interest in the CCSB and look forward to doing business together.


Don't Risk Loss, Trust The Cross.